Pipe Review: Nørding Seagull- what is this I don’t even

The Nørding seagull.

I like Nørding pipes for three reasons: They smoke well, they look cool, and Erik Nørding is a badass. What other pipe maker have you heard of that manufacturers and sells his own bobblehead pipe stand? I bought a Nørding signature just to give mine some company.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about pipes in general, and Nørding in specific. Some history: The son of a factory owner, Erik Nørding originally trained as a blacksmith before graduating from engineering school in the 1950s. A pipe-smoker from the age of 15, Nørding teamed up with a craftsman named Skovbo to create a line of pipes called SON, which was an acronym for their names. 

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Update: I got my Erik Stokkebye Fourth Generation pipes to take over for my dad’s Lorenzos.

Basically the headline.

My Lorenzo Stresa Madera is on top and my Lorenzo Imperia is at the bottom. They’re my favorite pipes.

My two favorite pipes were from the same manufacturer, Lorenzo of Italy. Though they were made at different periods with different aesthetic in mind, I always associated these two guys together. They’re beautiful in different ways. I abused and smoked the shit out of them during my freshman year of college, but I retained them and now they’re retired.

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Building a Collection while Spinning my Wheels

I can’t remember where I wrote it, but back around the time that I was a newly-minted thirty-one-year-old with all the wisdom and sapience afforded by that age, I think I mentioned some insight I’d realized about how your thirties should be a time of this or that; something or other. 

As I sit here trying to massage the wrinkles back into my brain, I’m beginning to conclude that my sentiment had to do with maturity and how I’ve noticed that I’ve started rounding into things I really appreciate. Not really the finer things, mind you- I’m still eating Ramen for dinner by choice tonight. But for the first time probably ever, I’ve been thinking practically about pipes. 

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Multi-Pipe Monday: Boswell, Johs, and Tortuga

This weekend, I finally had a chance to smoke my new Boswell partially-rusticated bent brandy that I bought about a week and a half ago. I also got the chance to smoke the Johs sandblasted bent brandy I got four months ago but had forgotten about. I’ll admit that I haven’t yet purchased one of Savinelli’s Tortuga pipes with the line’s tortoise-shell stems and matching acrylic hats, though. Nope! The Tortuga referenced in the headline is my own Tortuga, Sheldon. 

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Deja Vu in Pipes and Life

Have you ever seen a person who bears a striking resemblance to someone else you once knew and inadvertently stirs up all manner of feelings or memories? It’s jarring. My first day at Burris during my junior year of high school, I ran into someone at a convocation who was an absolute dead ringer for a girl I had a major crush on at Concord the year before. Can’t say I remember either of their names now, though, but I recently experienced the same thing with a couple of my favorite pipes. Here, let me show them to you:

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Floor Sweepings: The Eastman Scientific Pipe- A Solution in Search of a Problem

I’d bet you half a tin of slightly-dried-out Presbyterian Mixture English blend that you’ve been micromanaged at work before. In my experience, a superior who pays disproportionate attention to trivial details while missing the forest for the trees is usually trying to hide the fact that they’re marking time at a level of respective incompetence per the Peter principle. Put simply, micromanagers do so to try and hide the fact that they’ve got no idea what they’re doing. I ran into that when I managed a Subway restaurant during a weird event called the 2010 United States tomato shortage.

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A Primer on Pipe Shapes

It’s time to talk about pipe bowl shapes, I guess. I should have done this long ago, but I didn’t, and I’m sure this won’t be comprehensive, but at least I’ll get to show off some pipes so that’ll be fun.

Today, I’ll rank 17 pipe shapes in terms of my personal preferences. This is just the moronic opinion of an internet stranger, so relax! I will say that different pipe-makers have diverging names for their pipe shapes, so when applicable I’ll try to call out the differences.

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Floor Sweepings: Medico Filters- Making a Name Instead of Inheriting It

A MEDICO pipes ad from 1962 courtesy pipedia.

Something about the Medico name makes me feel like the company behind it makes healthy products. You know, like a cancer-stick made and endorsed by a doctor. Try as they might in their advertisements, though, Medico was a cheap, Dr. Grabow-type drugstore brand of pipes was under the purview of S.M. Frank & Company, which otherwise made pipes under the Kaywoodie, Yello-Bole, Reiss-Premier, DeMuth, Heritage and Frank brands. Today, S.M. Frank turns out Kaywoodies, Yello-Boles, Medicos with a headquarters in New Windsor, New York. I had a great Kaywoodie Campus straight bulldog that looked like the bowl of a toilet but was an integral part of my college years! 

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