Floor Sweepings: Vintage Dunhill Shield Ad- A Boon and Comfort?

Photo Credit: Pipedia user Yang.

I think we’re all in agreement that protection from the elements is important. It’s a basic human need, if you believe that Maslow guy! 

Alfred Dunhill, the proprietor of Dunhill’s Motorities -a type of brick-and-mortar precursor to the JC Whitney catalog- thought so too. He launched his patented Shield Pipe in 1904 behind the idea that its unique design would prevent all manner of on-the-go types (“the sportsman, the yachtsman, the automobilist,” etc. from having to relight their pipe due to the wind in their face. 

Unfortunately, the first car windshield was also introduced in 1904, so the pipes were initially unpopular. That changed over time, though, and you can still buy new ones today starting at $500 or so. 

Photo credit: SmokingPipes

I find these to be unbearably ugly. I’ve never seen a pipe that bore more of a resemblance to an old woman’s toilet except for -maybe- a white briar estate Kaywoodie bulldog I used to own. The mental image of a miniature geriatric gingerly crapping out my favorite ribbon-cut into the bowl alone would be enough for me to never consider buying one, if the price tag didn’t already preclude me from doing so. 

A boon and comfort to every pipe smoker, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Floor Sweepings: Vintage Dunhill Shield Ad- A Boon and Comfort?

  1. I never knew such a thing ever existed – what a great idea. Kind of. The car windshield may have made it obsolete, but there is no windshield on a sailing vessel. Then again, there is no umbrella over the bowl of the pipe, either.


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